Magicians Bar - Finally!!

As the deadline crept up on our last day / night everything came down to the wire.  And by that I mean the LED wiring, and the smoke machine tweaking, and the final top coat 😅 The smoke machine was probably the most challenging problem because the machine we had on hand was not designed to be fed into a tube and pumped out over a long distance.   We knew that this was something that could be done as Erik had seen this kind of thing while working as a special effects fabricator for the NYC Broadway theater industry at Hudson Scenic.

After quite a lot of toiling we sealed up all of the leaks in the machine and got it to pump through a tube however not much smoke actually came out.   We got really lucky after sifting through the garbage at the generator and were  able to find the right size vinyl tubing to make the machine pump out smoke almost magically.  How lucky can we get here?  Thank you universe!!! 

Aaron and Sam were just as shocked as we were when they had shown up with the van on Friday mid day and everything had been completed.  We had literally gone from a stack of plywood leaning against our cubical, to the finished bar in 3 short days.   It was nerve racking but Aaron and Sam held faith in our abilities down to the very last moment.  After the rush was over we took a moment to high 5 two special people who helped us make it happen.

Alex Toulan and Heather Hayes are our part timers and they both have their own special talents in coding and photography respectively.   Without them the turn around time on this project would just not have been possible.  Thank you both for sticking to it late at night and early in the morning to bust ass on this project.