Magicians Bar - progress

Alice 1.53.jpg

After meeting with Aaron and Sam a few times to wrap up the details of the bar, we spent a long time in SolidWorks developing new techniques for modeling plywood tab joinery.  We ended up using this detail all over the substructure of the bar, and this really helped keep our assembly / fab time down to a minimum in the long run.  

Front Bar v2a.JPG

We knew that a lot of the headache was going to come in the form of problem solving the back bar special effects and LED lighting in the front bar, so we packed in as much process work into the G code files as we could. 


After ordering the most gorgeous AA maple ply that we have ever seen from The Treehouse in South Burlington, we were getting really close to the deadline.   So close in fact that we actually spent 3 long sleep deprived days pushing as hard as we could at the Generator.  

With 2 days left to go, all of the parts had been cut beautifully on the KL - 1212.  This was all thanks to a high quality cnc bit from Amana, a really powerful vacuum table and our new worker elf Heather Hayes  Thank you Heather for toughing out a long night on the cnc. Even though this was the second use of the machine ever at Generator and the first time Heather had ever run the machine on her own; we had been very lucky to run every part without any mistakes or major flaws.    

To be continued.........