Give Us a Sign! - The Story Behind the Dedalus Wine Sign


Every once in a while we get signage jobs. No two signs are alike for us and the Dedalus Wine sign was no exception. We worked with the owners of the store to develop an aesthetic that was old and new all at once. 

We did a pretty standard sub frame assembly that would allow us to first hang a sub frame to attach the final sign to. All that is pretty standard. What isn't standard is the wood used for this sign. UVM was taking down their old stadium when someone there realized that the seats on the bleachers which had been outside for over 100 years was redwood. Really old redwood. Like 2000 plus years old Redwood. 

Tim James our resident woodworker has a pile of this precious material in the shop so we put it to use. 

Tim applying the first coat of Danish oil to the redwood. 

Tim applying the first coat of Danish oil to the redwood. 

We used the plasma cutter at Generator to make the letters for the sign out of 1/4" Aluminum which was then powdercoated by our friends at Eco Finish Solutions in the Intervale. 

Plasma Cutter 

Plasma Cutter 

We then had to make some templates on our laser cutter to place the letters perfectly in the frame and locate all the holes to be drilled for mounting. We 3D printed black spacers for the threaded rods and applied the letters which were attached with nuts on the backside of the wood. 


After placing and locating the letters we drilled out the wood and mounted up the final product. 


After all that is was off to the front of our building here at 388 Pine St for a good old fashioned install. 

Tim and Matt sussing it out. 

Tim and Matt sussing it out. 


We'd like to thank Jason and everyone at Dedalus, Tim James, and Eco Finish Solutions for their hard work and understanding. When you come to visit us be sure to stop by Dedalus for all your wine, cheese and charcuterie needs! 

Roughy - Getting on Wevolver

Our new page on Roughy is finally up on our website here.   We have been designing diligently in order to publish up for a spot on Wevolver.  We're really excited about this community and the possibility of giving back to the open hardware movement.  Pretty soon we will release this design along with a BOM.   You'll finally be able to build your own and if you like, help us refine this design into a real production machine that is accessible to people who don't have 10k or more to spare.

Made in Vermont (Year in Review 2014)

As another year comes to an end we would like to stand back and admire the accomplishments of this past year.  As creative types we constantly feel the need to push.  Late nights, early mornings, burning metal, wood shavings and glue dried on our hands, ink on paper, fingers punching keys, we utilize all the possible tools at our disposal for one goal- creation.

Swaged tube

During the process of developing 3d laser cutting profiles we were posed with an interesting challenge.  How to predict the laser cut profile of a fish mouth joint, on a tube that would undergo  swaging  after it was cut.  We were able to tweak some features in solidworks in order to predict this kind of geometry to work out perfectly, which in turn eliminated a bunch of grinding and fitting during the manufacturing process.  So stoked!