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M+E Design is Burlington Vermont's premier design and prototyping resource.   We pride ourselves on our problem solving abilities and bring a unique approach to our work on every project.  Because of our extensive hands on fabrication experience, natural design talent, and passion for cutting edge technology we often bring more to the table than might be expected from your average design or engineering firm.  

In addition to being design / tech geeks we also care deeply for the state of our planet and recognize the the past 200 years of  industrial manufacturing has brought us to a crossroads with the environment.  This is why we urge our clients to make responsible choices in manufacturing and offer reasonable alternatives to the extractive model. 

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Queen City Furniture

We have created Queen City Furniture to manufacture our in house products and artwork. All of our furniture is constructed with the great blue dot in mind. Hand built in Burlington Vermont we use reclaimed lumber, low and no VOC coatings, innovative manufacturing methods, and DIY CNC machinery to create furniture products that are timeless and unique. 



Alternator is a small coworking space for production friendly businesses in the heart of the burlington south end arts district.  This is our home base and also home to many thriving startups that depend on eachother for sucess.